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Hypnotica - Wearable Tech Fashion Show

On June 6th 2019, Isabel Nelson and several other students from the DXARTS 490 E-textiles and Wearables for Art and Design course, as well as other emerging designers from the University of Washington got together to produce Hypnotica, a wearable tech fashion show at the project space Hyena Culture in downtown Seattle, at the historic Pioneer Square district. The event was entirely self-organized and combined fashion, light art, sound and performance art and was presented through an exciting runway show that showcased the work of Taylor Hammes, Aashna Dev, Aarohi Bhaway, Atari Women, Esther Lin, Helen Mirabella, Grace Barar, Stevie Koepp, Kennedy Buriani, Rebby Montalvo, and of the main organizer Isabel Nelson.