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Encuentro Tecnofeminista Cyborgrrrls 2019

DXArts Minor Kathrine Hardman will be performing as part of the 2019 Encuentro Tecnofeminista Cyborgrrrls in Mexico City, Mexico, presenting her work Vi(sion)(bration). The work consists of a vibrating sex toy modified into a digital instrument, translating pornographic visuals into data for other senses, into music.

The Cyborgrrrls is a critical, hackfeminist, techno-anarchist and cyber-libertarian festival to recreate technology and aesthetic and gender stereotypes. A space to share ideas and affections, to reprogram technologies, hack the body and conspire strategies of technical disobedience, through cyberbrujísticas and electromagnetic conjurations. The First Cyborgrrrls was held in March 2017. In March of this year 2019 we will hold the third edition of this meeting.

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Video of Kathrine’s performance can be found here :